Becoming Christian

It is not much knowledge but the inner feeling and relish of things that fills and satisfies the soul. (St. Ignatius of Loyola, in The Spiritual Exercises, para. 2)

This blog is intended as a record of my exploration of the Christian faith, and my hesitant steps towards becoming a member of the Church.  For me, it doesn’t seem to be an instant conversion, but as I learn more about the faith and meet with others, I become more certain and stronger in my feeling of it being the right path for me.

I don’t at present have a course or reading programme to follow; perhaps that would be good, but I’m not sure.  In finding myself attracted to the Catholic faith, I made the conscious decision to put an intellectual approach to one side and focus on the spiritual feeling, the sense of awe and of love, to follow my heart. It is of course necessary to maintain a degree of intellectual perception (even scepticism), but the “inner feeling and relish” that Ignatius refers to should be my guide.

I have very little knowledge of the Christian faith beyond the stories familiar to most people growing up in a western country.  My knowledge of the Bible is very limited, and to be honest I find it very difficult to read – so this blog is unlikely to dwell much on the textual complexities of scripture.

I decided to make these notes public in the hope that I would learn from others on the path, perhaps a vain hope in this world of instant reactions and ill-considered judgements, but …. who knows?